One of things that 2020 will be remembered for is the growth stocks we missed this year like Tesla and Snowflake .

Tesla did a 10 X from March low of 85 $ today at 850 $ per share . if you had invested 1000 $ on Tesla in March today you will be sitting with 10 k by December 2020.

But is that it ? did we not miss the value stocks at good valuations?

There are still plenty at very comfortable valuations and are real steal for your money.

As usual many of us only saw the market…

Lambda architecture

Lambda is one of the most discussed architecture pattern in data science space.

Lets look at what it really means ,

Lambda is a data processing architecture and framework designed to address robustness and scalability and fault tolerance of big data systems.

In this study we are planning to focus on the batch and speed layers to achieve data processing.

As proposed in the summary for both the batch and stream we will be using Spark.

What constitutes the lambda architecture for data processing?

Lambda is a architecture pattern .

Here the architecture we investigate has Lambda implemented primarily with Spark for batch and stream processing…

Well the short answer is no , Intel is still a market leader and highest gross revenue earner among chip makers.

Intel has the R&D capability and cash flows to bounce back as a formidable player.

In 2019, Intel was the №1 chipmaker by revenue, research firm Gartner said. It regained the top spot after Samsung took the lead in 2017 and 2018.

Intel had 15.7% market share last year, compared with 12.5% for No2 vendor Samsung. Intel’s chip revenue slipped 0.7% year over year to $65.8 billion amid a semiconductor industry downturn. Meanwhile, total worldwide semiconductor revenue fell 11.9%…

India may seem like a bad example when you look at the coronavirus cases but let's look at why its not .

A nation of Indias size and characteristics have to ensure that economy is kept alive for its population to survive and also meanwhile curb the virus from overwhelming the health infrastructure. Being a globaly responsible nation it needs to also look for effective testing methods and cures or vaccines.

India seems to have got a tick on all the three boxes.

On the health front

India has the second highest infected tally in the world after united states.

What has been more damaging to the world ?

“The disease covid “ or “fear of covid” .

Remember the pandemic is not the crisis its our response to it which is the crisis.

Human psyche is always to fear something we don’t fully understand .

Its in our history and in our present , we are living in it right now!

World needs to come out of “the fear” and stand on its toes to fight back.

The immediate reflex for a human mind is to seek protection from harm , in this case funny that it’s a biological…

Singapore is no stranger to being on tourists maps , but here are some points which will make you take a drop at the small island nation.

Business trips are not meant to be a site seeing trip but having a transit through singapore can be your passport to that short missed getaway.

Usual travels can be a “budget with the wallet” but on a business trip you will be on a “budget with time”.

That’s exactly why Singapore should be your transit ,everything is reachable on a 30 min ride and the nation boosts one of the best connected…

Sustainable Development Index (SDI) measures the ecological efficiency of human development, recognizing that development must be achieved within planetary boundaries. It was created to update the Human Development Index (HDI) for the ecological realities of the Anthropocene.

SDI is a relatively new concept in human development measurings .

SDI ranking’s .

So here is the question should development of a country be only measured against HDI ?

If we look at HDI or Human Development index then all the capitalist countries keep taking up the top spots.

Who would make it to top spot on SDI ?

voila all the socialist ones of course.

Brings back the socialist vs capitalist development model debate.

Socialism is on a decline globally, it’s a common mystical belief nowadays that better economic growth and progress is only tied to Capitalism.

Clearly the socialist model was less aggressive and less damaging…

Using machine learning to understand employee behaviour and retention can occur as a cool idea.

These days when employee engagement has gone completely online and work from home models have disrupted traditional workplaces its all the more important for the HR department to collect and understand employee behaviour.

I tried a solution to collect a sample dataset and use it to come up with an analysis .

First and most important what we need to do is to pick a sample HR dataset.

HR can use a carefully orchestered online survey from there employees .

R is the programming language…

Agile is revolutionary new way of delivering software.

Adopting agile and achieving the culture shift is the first challenge, to get a nice tool to practice Agile is another.

Here i will share my experience of using Asana for Scrum and Scrumban Agile methodologies.

Asana is a great tool to help with creating a project management practice in a software project and for adopting Agile methodology.Good News is Asana can be tried out free.

You can also do the trial and see if its fits your team before deciding to adopt it.Now that cool !

The below is a sample…

“Should we pick Angular or React” is a burning adoption question on most project planning sessions.

We should officially call it the battle for the front end dominance.

React is a Facebook supported initiative and is a javascript library .
It would be wrong to call it a framework based on its initial release versions .
It helps to create resusable components in applications and is javascript based.

Angular has equally competent heritage of being from Google .With Angular being a new version to previous Angular JS which was widely adopted on front end development.

Angular has now ditched Javascript…

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