Should i pick Angular over React ?

“Should we pick Angular or React” is a burning adoption question on most project planning sessions.

We should officially call it the battle for the front end dominance.

React is a Facebook supported initiative and is a javascript library .
It would be wrong to call it a framework based on its initial release versions .
It helps to create resusable components in applications and is javascript based.

Angular has equally competent heritage of being from Google .With Angular being a new version to previous Angular JS which was widely adopted on front end development.

Angular has now ditched Javascript and adopted Typescript .

I was very skeptic of this choice especially typescript being previously unknown in the front end developer circles .
Once I started using Typescript I could see some clear advantages.

The choice for strong typing which was missing in Javascript for long was being enforced.
Of course everyone takes there time to get acquited with something new.

Javascript is a coarse language and often we see developers just scratching its surface ,Typescript on the other hand thanks to its strong typing exposes lesser chances to create run time errors.

Typescript becomes more clearly a disciplined approach than Javascript .

Every better technology needn’t always translate into adoption as enterprises are guided by cost and operation overhead .

For a web based project starting from scratch I would definitely recommend Angular over React as its a disciplined framework.

Angular also boasts about about a envious track record of having a very large developer community to support it.

We will continue to see a lot of React adoption in enterprises where existing applications needs to be made modular , Angular on the other hand would mostly be preferred for the new applications .

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