Why Singapore stands out as a good transit hub to Asia.

Singapore is no stranger to being on tourists maps , but here are some points which will make you take a drop at the small island nation.

Business trips are not meant to be a site seeing trip but having a transit through singapore can be your passport to that short missed getaway.

Usual travels can be a “budget with the wallet” but on a business trip you will be on a “budget with time”.

That’s exactly why Singapore should be your transit ,everything is reachable on a 30 min ride and the nation boosts one of the best connected city in the world.

Lets see where are the right spots for a quick sightseeing in singapore.

Don't miss the airport its just kewl !

Not just the coffee joints,Changi boasts of a indoor waterfalls , I know thats new.

Apart from being the World’s best rated airport with some great restaurants and food courts its totally worth a stroll.

Jewel @ Changi Airport
Indoor waterfalls @Jewel Changi Airport

The newely opened Jewel terminus is a must visit it boasts the largest indoor waterfalls.

Your next stop destination is MBS or the Marina Bay Sands .

Its conveninetly located close to the CBD — (Central business district ) chances are high that its just a few minutes away from your company’s office by walk.

Come a little early and you can catch both these stunning views and take a evening stroll along the Marina.

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