What has been more damaging to the world ?

“The disease covid “ or “fear of covid” .

Remember the pandemic is not the crisis its our response to it which is the crisis.

Human psyche is always to fear something we don’t fully understand .

Its in our history and in our present , we are living in it right now!

World needs to come out of “the fear” and stand on its toes to fight back.

The immediate reflex for a human mind is to seek protection from harm , in this case funny that it’s a biological virus not even visible to our eyes.

Hiding from it and remaining safe is a solution can only be a short term solution.

The below chart is an example of how much the fear has gripped policy makers.The daily Covid cases are used as a benchmark in deciphering meaning out of the unemployment rate.What a disaster that has befallen our policy makers ?

Why has our world forgotten to fight back ? 😔

“The plague is not the big problem right now ,our approach of “handling the plague” is the bigger problem.

What is the guarnatee this is the only one in our lifetimes or lest the last one.

There have been clearly irresponsible countries like China which caused the plague to spread beayond its borders by spreading misinfomation and draconian curtailment of civil liberties was able to burry the true numbers and use this as a chance to pursue its agressive agenda.

This time the World hasn't slept to the threat and risen to push back China ,that’s reassuring 😏

Countries and its leaders have to behave responsibly in the world stage not stand out as outliers and bully’s.There is a global leadership vaccum.

The more concerning matter is when people start questioning the short testing times of vaccines or new measures to bring back normalcy to a country.

Governments have banned travel and airlines have grounded there fleets , how long can we do that after all a more efficient testing and tracking can actually solve the problems facing the travel industry.

“ What we need to understand is that any vaccine or treatment’s efficiency is also in the number of lives it can save and stop the plague at the right time , we should not focus to chase for a record at the safest medicine or vaccine ever made ! “

World and its leaders shouldn’t forget to take risk responsibly or fighting back , we need to keep the doors open and fight .

Remember there are so many ways to die, to survive is always a fight.

The World shouldn’t forget to fight back .

We need efficient testing , efficient policies, good social responsibility and above all a resolve to overcome fear.

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

Interests in tech ,economics and literature.

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