Just stay off Tesla and focus on value stocks for 2021.

One of things that 2020 will be remembered for is the growth stocks we missed this year like Tesla and Snowflake .

If there is anything history teaches us in business then its that good business doesnt end with good ideas.

Yes Tesla could be a pioneer on the electric vehicle front and Elon Musk could be the iconic poster boy who killed petrol cars , but the growth that is being sold in market today is at-least 10 years away for Tesla ,the valuations are far more than crazy gambling !

A successful business is not just an idea its also about how you compete in the market , product pricing , how you convince the regulators, customer retention .Stock price has to be realistic to reflect revenue of the immediate few years . if its just based on theory and hype than actual figures just stay away!

Over time GM,Ford ,Toyota,Daimler which has been intensely competing in the consumer car space for over 50 years now , are all going to have a piece of this pie of the electric car market.

Let’s not forget that businesses that survived for 50 years have some essential components in them right , and they have overcome lots of disruptions successfully.

Just because a new idea came to market doesn't mean that all of them have lost the game or may never catch up.

Interests in tech ,economics and literature.

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