Agile scrumban technique using Asana

Agile is revolutionary new way of delivering software.

Adopting agile and achieving the culture shift is the first challenge, to get a nice tool to practice Agile is another.

Here i will share my experience of using Asana for Scrum and Scrumban Agile methodologies.

Asana is a great tool to help with creating a project management practice in a software project and for adopting Agile methodology.Good News is Asana can be tried out free.

You can also do the trial and see if its fits your team before deciding to adopt it.Now that cool !

The below is a sample project which was following the “ Scrumban” practice.

On our analysis of Agile methodologies Scrumban was found to be more suited than Scrum on this project.

Primary reasoning the product development had to start with uncertain user requirements and often user stories required a deeper R&D .

You can read on further from the links below on Scrumban.

First on the Agile journey once we did some demo sessions on Scrumban and got ourself acquited we decided to hunt for a tool.

Our priority was on open source and readily available tools to evaluate a agile practice. And we were the frugal guys we wanted to try out the free tools out there and see which one can really fit us.

I evaluated the below tools

  • Taiga
  • Trello
  • Asana

Of the above I found Asana highly suitable and configurable and the icing on the cake they also had a mobile application which was quite user friendly.

Application Journey

The Sprints were planned for 2 weeks duration and a Milestone of 1 month duration . Each Milestone had two Sprints .

For Scrumban I choose the below project structure, we explored the tool and it was quite easy to setup the stories with those nice tag stickers which resembled our sticky notes.

Here the Backlog had the backlog items identified for the sprint and the Milestone .
The tags option is used to denote the epics of the story .We had two projects “Dashboard” and “Campaign”.

Now once the tasks were ready for the sprint they were moved to Sprint backlog.

Sprint 1.1 of the First Milestone

The tasks was ordered into 4 columns in the below categories:

  • Sprint backlog
  • Ready to do
  • In Progress
  • Done

In the Sprint planning session each tasks will be allocated story points and allocated to a person .

Here the story points had to be marked with “[ ]” as Asana doesnt offer a story point option for free users .

Once the tasks are completed and the “sprint is Over” they are moved to the respective Milestones for delivery

Sprint 1.1 tasks have been completed they tasks are moved to Milestone 1 for delivery .

This is a simple illustration to use Asana to manage your Agile project in Scrumban .

Useful links and References for your Agile journey

You can refer to the official version of using the Kanban board .

For a Custom template for plotting the Sprint burn-down .

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